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New Properties Survey & Report

It is very important to have a Survey Report for water leaks from the seller or Estate Agent before the Sale is Agreed upon.
Take a look at our survey report below to see what it covers.

  • Mains cold supply from footpath stop valve to stop valve in property are LEAK FREE.
  • All heating systems and hot and cold main supplies are LEAK FREE on the property.
  • If a Leak is detected, it is the seller of the property to make the property right of the leak and also the damage caused by the Leak, before the sale is completed.
  • Our survey would also mark any possible areas damaged, due to Leaks.
  • Most water leaks are hidden, i.e. below floor tiles, wooden floors, or carpets.
  • Excess for the escape of water is increasing with all Insurance Companies, due to the increase of claims being made with water leaks.
  • Damage could be very costly to make good to yourself, or your home insurance company. This will increase your premium in the years ahead.
  • After-effects from leaks can lead to dry rot in wood i.e. floors and stud walls and condensation on ceilings and walls.
  • In the future, Water Rates could be introduced. LEAKS in homes would then be very costly to homeowners.
  • All these issues are not you the Buyers Problem!

Remember No Survey for Water Leaks …..No Leg to Stand on!

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