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Floor Rising from leaky pipe?
Staining on ceiling from leaky pipe?

Why Use Our Leak Detection Services?

  • Domestic and Commercial Water Leaks Detected
  • Repairs or Replacement of Leaky Pipes
  • Extraction of Water Caused by Leakage and leaky pipes
  • Installation of Dehumidifiers and Other Drying Out equipment
  • Reinstatement of Damage Areas ( If Required )
  • Monitoring of Systems to Establish No Further Leaks Occuring
  • Draining and Replacement of any Damaged Pipework, Boilers or Radiators
  • Flushing and Refilling of Heating Systems
  • Adding Anti Corrosion Agents to Heating Systems

All leak detection work and repair of leaky pipes work can be covered by your house insurance policy.

We work with all insurance companies