Symptoms of Water Leakage

Leak Detector offers new services to all new buyers of properties. A full survey and report of all mains water supply, heating pipes and mains internal and extrenal. Costs vary according to property type. VIew our New Home Survey Report section outlining 10 very important reasons why you need to Survey the property for leaks before you buy.

Domestic Water Rates Are On The Way

Water Rate charges are on the way in the Rep. Ireland and they are likey to be introduced to Northern Ireland in the near future. So now is the time to get your Property Surveyed. You will SAVE money longterm by insuring there is no Leaks in your home. Leaks will drive the price of your Water charges up.Hot and cold mains pipes tested for leaks. Meters are being installed at this time.

We offer a Leak Detection service to all potential Home Buyers and New Rentals prior to completion of purchase or let. This may be part of a Home Buyers report (in conjunction with a report from your potential surveyors), or maybe a one off exercise to give you peace of mind that you are not waiting for what will become a costly water, now or in the future.

  • House inspection for dampness
  • Heating systems tested for leaks
  • Data report from water meter, turn off valve in property
  • Logger reading water meter and transferring report on database, using computer